Our Story

A mother-daughter passion project

Samak is a little project I started with my mom out of our pure love for crafting. I like to meddle in diy projects and jewelry making. Coming from a product design and e-commerce background, I have always had a passion for designing and selling products.

My mom--who has been sewing for over 20 years now--likes to knit, quilt, and make clothes on her spare time. Her passion for creating was something that she inherited from my grandma, who used to make the most beautiful quilts. Everytime my grandma would visit from korea, the two of them spent hours and days, making quilts for everything in our house. I always admired how the two of them had a hobby that they could share and enjoy.

When my grandma passed away in 2016, I wanted to fill her void and continue the tradition of making and creating with my mom. I had been wanting to add plants to my apartment but since the lighting wasn’t so great, I knew they wouldn’t last. I came up with the idea of asking my mom to sew me a fabric cactus, and this is how Samak came about.

Samak is a recreation of our favorite cacti and desert plants. It has both a realistic and unrealistic desert plants aesthetic and it's perfect for nurseries, living rooms, hallways, and office spaces. We hope that it brings you the same joy that plants or any greenery may bring into a space without the pain of watering or making sure it gets enough sunlight.

Julia Kim (Daughter) & Dong Hee Kim (Mother)


Photographer: Hannah Garvin

@samakcactus in the desert