Medium Skinny Saguaro Cactus - Yellow Stripes (Sample)

Medium Skinny Saguaro Cactus - Yellow Stripes (Sample)

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Handmade fabric skinny wavy saguaro cactus red flower

Made with a yellow stripe fabric. 

pot not included. purchase pots separately here.

Sample items are pre-made and ready to ship. These items are usually made with limited stock fabric and might not be available again once sold. Not customizable.


8"-12" tall

What's included

Samak plush

Polyester fill

White rocks


/sah'mahk/ means "desert" in Korean

At Samak, we design and create simple desert plants of high quality fabric to bring life to your space. Our artificial fabric cacti are perfect for those with black thumbs or those who just don’t have time to care for real plants. Each fabric cactus plush is handcrafted and sewn with detail and care that will last forever.

These original creations will be a great complement for your home living space, nursery, office or shop.

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